How Quality Control Helps Us Increase Your Efficiency and Profits

How Quality Control Helps Us Increase Your Efficiency and Profits

How Quality Control Helps Us Increase Your Efficiency and Profits

November 30, 2023

Azimuth Engineering Group was founded as a full-service design engineering firm that does things a little differently. We specialize in building critical infrastructure for high-volume projects, serving numerous municipalities (concentrating on New York City), tower companies, and every major U.S. wireless provider. Our project management approach combines process, people, and systems to provide our clients with complete transparency into the work as it happens.

The temptation in the building industry is to go, go, go, and to complete projects quickly. Some vendors skip QC protocols because they slow down the process. At Azimuth, what sets us apart is our emphasis on quality control (QC) in our standardized process.

“Quality control is critical to ensuring the satisfaction of Azimuth’s clients by reinforcing our reputation for excellence in industry standards and design,” says George Xenos, Senior Project Manager for Azimuth. “Quality control results in consistently providing superb deliverables by reducing wasted resources, increasing efficiency and profits for our clients.”

According to Xenos, the goal of our QC processes is to “minimize rework and maximize efficiency.”

Azimuth’s QC processes begin with quality assurance, which refers to the sum of all parts and actions throughout the life of a project. “The majority of what we do has checks and balances,” says Xenos. “There’s always someone else assessing the work in addition to the licensed engineer who takes the lead on a project for Azimuth.” A foundational aspect of Azimuth’s QC is that all projects have a peer and professional review. “There’s always a minimum of two sets of eyes to review the work.”

Whether it’s construction drawings, zoning drawings, lease exhibits, structural analysis, mount analysis, structural modification designs, or special inspections, from kick-off to completion, QC is a critical part of our innovative approach that compresses timelines and breaks up the status quo.

From the firm’s founder, Jeremy McKeon, on down, everyone at Azimuth is responsible for QC. Anytime a member of the team touches a project, they are on the lookout for design flaws or missing requirements. Our in-house team of experts has over 75 years of experience with telecommunications infrastructure buildouts, structural, civil and MEP design, and engineering services. We are more than just engineers; we’re critical thinkers whose knowledge of the industry and passion for the QC process is shared by every member of the firm.

“For our clients, Azimuth’s commitment to QC results in faster approvals through zoning and permitting, faster and cheaper constructability, and the confidence that Azimuth will produce a design we can trust and stand by,” says Xenos. “QC helps us avoid mistakes to prevent construction, redesigns, and ordering new materials that contribute to a project missing its deadline and exceeding budget.”

For more information about how Azimuth Engineering Group can serve your civil/site design, structural engineering, MEP engineering, environmental, inspections, or project management needs, visit or call 973-970-0068.

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