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TPP Inspections
If you have a construction project in NYC, you need a TPP Compliance expert! Azimuth Engineering ensures that your project is fully compliant with all TPP regulations, eliminating stop work orders and costly fines.
Florida Milestone Inspection
Condominium and cooperative residential structures in Florida older than 30 years, or 25 years within coastal regions, must have a structural milestone inspection completed before December 31, 2024. Our structural inspectors and engineers have the qualifications and experience to ensure your building is safe for a cost that will fit your HOA’s budget.
Fire Suppression & Sprinklers
Protecting lives is our number one priority! At Azimuth Engineering, our inspectors will certify that your fire suppression systems will function as designed to save lives when you need them most.
Special and Progress Inspections
Our inspectors study every aspect of your project to ensure it is constructed as designed and materials meet all requirements, to meet your needs for years to come.
Welding Inspections
Structural welding in steel and aluminum structures requires strict accordance with procedures, preparation, testing, and inspection. Azimuth Engineering inspects and tests the visible and unseen potential defects within your structural connections.
Non-Destructive Testing
We locate and detect surface and sub-surface flaws that can compromise your structure’s safety and integrity. We look through walls and floors to see what is within and assess material composition to ensure its strength and resilience.
Foundation Inspections
Our NICET- and ACI-certified inspectors will assess rebar installations and provide concrete sampling and testing as a crucial step in ensuring that your project meets all specifications prior to pouring foundations.
Soil/Geotechnical Inspections
We are NICET-certified soil inspectors with the skill and ability to provide sampling, classification, testing, and solutions for every type of existing site, raw land, marginal site, and construction issue.
TIA Tower Inspections
Our team completes post-modification and routine TIA Inspections with care and precision to ensure your towers and telecommunication installations meet the industry standards.

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