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Ground and Structural Scanning:

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Ground Penetrating Radar is an indispensable tool in non-invasive and non-destructive subsurface surveying when traditional cable and pipe locating just isn’t enough. Our GPR experts utilize state-of-the-art GSSI SIR-4000 Controlled Utility Scan Pro equipment to provide detailed information about what lies beneath the surface. Whether it's locating utilities, unknown objects, or mapping archaeological discoveries, we offer precise and comprehensive GPR solutions.
Structural Conditions Assessment
Understanding the condition and integrity of structures is vital for safety and maintenance. Our team of structural engineers uses advanced scanning techniques to assess the health of buildings, towers, and infrastructure. We provide detailed reports and recommendations to ensure structural safety and longevity.
Utility Detection and Mapping
Accurate and rapid utility detection is essential to prevent costly and dangerous disruptions during construction projects. We employ industry-standard Cable and Pipe Locator tools, combined with experienced field teams well versed in pipe locating techniques to identify and map utilities in even the most challenging and crowded sub-surface environments. Whether it’s gas pipes, telecommunications conduits, water lines, or electric conduits, our utility detection and mapping services are our client's vital partner in safely navigating the complex subsurface environments of modern construction.
Concrete and Masonry Imaging
When working with concrete and masonry structures, knowing what's inside is critical to get the job done right, the first time. Our scanning experts use cutting-edge non-destructive technology to detect rebar, post-tension cables, utility conduits, and other hidden elements within masonry and concrete. This vital pre-construction service is critical to any drilling, coring, and other construction projects to significantly reduce the risk of structural damage, utility disruption, and increasingly costly project delays.

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