Tenant Protection Plan Inspection Services

Tenant Protection Plan Inspection Services

Tenant Protection Plan Inspection Services

March 22, 2023

As a licensed Class 2 Special Inspections Agency, Azimuth Engineering offers special inspection services for many types of construction projects in New York City. NYC  began including Tenant Protection Plan (TPP) requirements in its building code  starting in 2008, with additional tenant protection legislation added to the requirements in 2017, 2019 and 2021. As of November 7, 2022, TPP inspections are required for all work completed in residential buildings with more than three residential units.

Azimuth’s in-house team of experts have over 75 years of experience with structural, civil, MEP design and engineering services, along with telecommunications infrastructure buildouts. We conduct inspections to ensure projects are constructed in compliance with approved plans and specifications, as well as with NYC Building Code and applicable standards.


With more than 2,000 construction inspections completed, you can trust Azimuth to provide the assurance that your project has been constructed in strict accordance with the current codes and designs, to significantly reduce the potential of expensive maintenance and repairs in the future.


According to NYC’s Department of Buildings, the TPP is required whenever any dwelling unit remains occupied during construction. The TPP is required even when residential space is not within the proposed construction area (e.g., work on commercial spaces and rooftops in a mixed-use building).


The 2021 changes to the TPP requirements, known as Local Law 126 came into effect in November 2022. The DOB now requires Special Inspections be conducted at “sufficient periodic intervals to verify compliance with the Tenant Protection Plan… throughout the course of work.”


According to Local Law 126 of 2021, at a minimum, inspections shall be performed:

1.Prior to the start of construction and/or demolition to document conditions prior to work;
2.At the start of construction and/or demolition;
3.Once per week during construction and/or demolition;
4.After a tenant protection plan violation has been issued to verify that the violation was corrected;
5.When the location of the alteration or construction operations performed in conjunction with the tenant protection plan has moved to another location; and
6.Whenever construction or demolition operations have changed, requiring changes in methods of protection.


No matter what kind of work is being done, Azimuth can provide certified TPP Inspections to ensure compliance with the plan. According to the DOB, here are the Work Types that currently require a TPP:

▪ Antenna

▪ Boiler

▪ Curb Cut

▪ Earthwork

▪ Foundation

▪ General Construction

▪ Mechanical

▪ Plumbing

▪ Sign

▪ Sprinkler

▪ Standpipe

▪ Structural

▪ Support of Excavation


From project kick-off to completion, Azimuth’s one-stop-shop of design, inspections, and engineering services combines critical thinking with innovation to ensure customer outcomes and compliance while delivering projects on-time and within budget.


For more information about the 30 different Class 2 Special Inspections Azimuth Engineering Group is licensed to conduct, contact us here or call 973-798-6798.

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